6 Feb 2014

2010 - Throwback Thursday

It's Thursday, which can only mean it's time for a little throwback action! Last week we took you back to 2011 to explore the best indie tracks of that year. This week we've moved a little further back to explore 2010! 2010 saw debut releases from Best Coast, Two Door Cinema Club, Everything Everything and Chiddy Bang to name a few, all of which went on to release strong albums. There was also a comeback for Jimmy Eat World, as well as a shit-ton of other amazing music. Here's a small smörgåsbord of what we heard in 2010!

4 Feb 2014

Bipolar Sunshine - Where Did The Love Go

Sometimes all you need is a big slice of positivity to make things better. Sometimes that slice of positivity comes in musical form. That's where singer-songwriter Bipolar Sunshine comes in. Formerly part of short-lived Kid British, Bipolar Sunshine is the solo project of Adio Marchant, slowly building momentum across the UK from his Manchester base.

This isn't the first feel-good release, either. 'Love More, Worry Less' is just one other example of the positivity dripping from the pen/quill/cool writing instrument of Marchant.

There are moments where you can't tell that it's a solo project as well. He multi-tracks his voice to build an epic chorus, perfect for the spaces he's due to perform in while supporting Phoenix and Rudimental, as well as heading off on a headline tour of his own. The future's bright.

Klaxons - There Is No Other Time

2014 is the year of the comeback so far! Klaxons are the next band to release new material after a long, long break, and they've come back with a completely different sound! Coming to the fore with Myths of the Near Future in 2006, then following it up with Surfing the Void (2010), they've announced that we can expect to see a new album, in 2014. Let's pray it's not 2018 before we get the next one.

Produced by Gorgon City, 'There is No Other Time' is a synth-filled, electronic and generally summery anthem that is actually incredibly similar to something that The Other Tribe would put out. Not a bad thing of course. Single's out March 23rd.

3 Feb 2014

Strange Talk - Young Hearts

One of the best things about the way the world works is the fact that it's always hot and sunny in at least one place in the world every day. When it's winter in the UK, it's summer in Australia. When it's winter in Australia, it's summer in the UK. By simple and stupid logic, this means that there is constantly a source of upbeat summery music being made.

This is no exception to that logic. Melbourne synth-pop group Strange Talk haven't left their summery and infectious enthusiasm in Australia, they took it to America with them! 'Young Hearts' is highly representative of the Strange Talk sound. It's shimmering, sunny pop at it's best.

Produced and co-written by Captain Cuts, this is a brand new track that forms part of the US release of Cast Away, their highly successful debut album that came out last year. Coming to the fore with 'Climbing Walls' and the Strange Talk EP, this band exemplifies everything we love about summer and their music is representative of that fact.

Ellie Goulding - Life Round Here (ft. Angel Haze) (James Blake & Chance the Rapper cover)

Pop queen Ellie Goulding and up-and-coming hip-hop rap star Angel Haze have teamed up to cover James Blake and his own collaboration with Chance the Rapper. 'Life Round Here' was one of my favourite tracks on Retrograde and the collaboration with Chance, another incredibly talented newcomer to the rap scene.

This cover in particular has a future-R&B vibe about it, with a good mix of Goulding's vocals and Haze's talented skills. It keeps the moody sounding vibes of the original too! Check out the original and the new cover below.