11 Nov 2013

Miami Horror - Colours in the Sky (feat. Cleopold)

More music from a band back on the up! Miami Horror have just unveiled their new track, "Colours in the Sky" to the world, and it's a genuinely lovely track. To be released tomorrow as part of the Colours in the Sky / Real Slow 7", this track has a slightly different sound to "Real Slow", their comeback single.

Incorporating pianos, synths and soft harmonies, along with the vocals of Cleopold, the indietronica group from Melbourne have done an excellent job. Tomorrow's 7" release incorporates both aspects of their musical production, the fast and catchy upbeat rhythm's of "Real Slow" and the almost ballad-esque side of "Colours in the Sky".

It's out on iTunes tomorrow as a separate single as well if you're interested. Enjoy!