9 Dec 2013

BANGLADE$H - Better Day

New Zealand and Australia seriously deliver on their sunshine pop don't they? "Better Day" is the second single from Auckland's BANGLADE$H and their self-titled d├ębut EP. Their first single, "Lean" received positive reviews all over the south-side of the world, and was somewhat spread to the slightly wetter suburb of Reading that my school was located. Not that exotic.

Produced by Joel Little (Lorde) and Jaden Parkes (Kids of 88), "Better Day" is the closing track to their 5-song EP, and some could argue they've left the best until last. It's a fantastic combo of alternative rock sounds with a sprinkling of the indie pop sound that they've always been well known for. A nice slow, yet upbeat closing sound - onwards and upwards boys!

You can download "Better Day" for free, for the meantime, and I'd highly recommend you do! The EP is available on iTunes now!