17 Oct 2013

Coasts - Come A Little Closer

So excited that Coasts are bringing out more music, and why wouldn't you be when it sounds like this? The Bristol quartet are churning out tune after tune, and it's flawless. Anthemic to say the least, "Come A Little Closer" is part of the upcoming Stay EP which includes remixes from Pixel Fix and Giuliano Rascan (the Vancouver EDM/dubstep...teenager who's absolutely killing it at the moment) as well as the title track, obviously!

With an EP already out and this one on the way, some would argue the next logical step for the band would be to work on/towards a debut album. If they continue on the trajectory they've set themselves on, we're in for an absolute belter.

The Stay EP is available from iTunes to pre-order and it's due to be released on November 11.