23 Oct 2013

Ed Zealous - Telepaths

Phil Taggart adores this band. He's been quoted as saying that "if you don't...we can no longer be friends" and I'd absolutely have to agree with him! It's been an awesome few weeks for Ed Zealous fans - the new single "Thanks a Million" was released at the start of the week, their début album has been announced, and now fans have been introduced to their new upcoming single "Telepaths", which is due for release on November 18th!

"Telepaths" is the next in a long line of dance anthems from the boys from Belfast. Incorporating the sounds we've come to know and love (synths, drums, samples and an absolutely mental background guitar sound), they'll have you "dancing on the ceiling" and it'll be for good reason. If you've never listened to Ed Zealous, you need to start right now. If you're a big fan of indietronica, you'll love this - it's got a seriously in-your-face vibe...and it's mental.

Listen to "Telepaths" here (from 17:55): Phil Taggart and Alice Levine - BBC Radio 1
Listen to "Telepaths" directly from the Ed Zealous Soundcloud page here.

Pre-order "Telepaths" here: iTunes
Listen to "Thanks A Million" here: Guerrilla Stereo
The début album, Wired, is set for release at the start of February.