11 Oct 2013

Dan Croll - Home

Now this isn't a new track by any stretch of the imagination, Dan Croll was performing "Home" back in 2011, but it's being re-released as the next single, simply adding more and more momentum to the upcoming album!

I went to see Dan Croll at Reading Festival and he and his band didn't disappoint! This is the song I'd come home to myself, it's warm, inviting, and funny and goddamn it's an all-round wonderful track. I love it even more then I did when I heard it the first time.

This is the next in a long line of brilliant singles from the lad from Liverpool. First there was "From Nowhere", then "Compliment Your Soul", and most recently "In/Out", with lots of extra stuff on the side!

Like what you hear? Download all of Dan Croll's singles from iTunes, and get a free download of "Can You Hear Me" from here.