21 Oct 2013

MAUSI - Autumn/Winter Collection EP

We featured "Body Language" last week as a brand new track from MAUSI, and now their free Autumn/Winter Collection EP is available today on Facebook! All you need to do is download it is 'like' their Facebook page. "Body Language" is a summery, dance track with some serious French-disco beats and hot synths...it's beautiful! Even in this horrendous autumn weather, Daisey's sharp and joyful voice will perk you up!

The second track from the mixtape is their "Losing You / Say My Name" mashup, recorded initially at Maida Vale for Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens - it sounds as good as it did when it was recorded back in May!

Next up is their impeccable cover of Stardust's 90s house hit "Music Sounds Better With You". As we know, Stardust was the house equivalent of Them Crooked Vultures - a house supergroup with half of Daft Punk as one of the members. The MAUSI version isn't as fast, but it's just as good if not better! It's slow, sensual...and well, it's bloody brilliant! Music sounds better with MAUSI, there's no doubt of that!

The final track from the EP is a brand new original called "Somewhere". It's a slow paced outro that really shows off the other end of Daisey and the boys' musical range. Just like many other tracks from what can only be described as a truly talented band, this utilises dreamy synths and samples and drum beats, and it sounds great.

That's your lot! I highly recommend you download this mixtape, and without a doubt have a listen to their other two singles, "Move" and "Sol.", as well as all the live videos you can get a hold of - have a listen to "My Friend Has A Swimming Pool" from Reading Festival here.

Touted as one of the biggest and best up and coming acts of 2014, you might as well get into the routine of religiously following MAUSI now. They're touring in the coming weeks - check out where they're playing here, and go bloody see them. You won't regret it.