15 Nov 2013

Bastille - Of the Night (Morgan Page, Fix8 and MNEK remixes)

"Of the Night", the latest single from the never-ending Bastille production line is due out on Monday as a remix EP, and will be part of the All This Bad Blood deluxe release out the following Monday (25th). Originally from the Other People's Heartache I mixtape, this cover of the classic dance track (an original we'd rather not hear sober) is excellent. The remixes that have emerged in the last few months are excellent too.

The EP due out on Monday includes remixes from MNEK, Icarus and Kove, a stellar line-up that covers all bases. MNEK's gone for the soft house remix route, with a slower tempo and distorted vocals. It has a Passion Pit-esque feel to it which is excellent. It has an excellent build up to a drop in the 3rd minute as well, and combines vocals from the original as well. Good stuff.

Fix8 has gone down a slightly different route, creating what many would consider to be an EDM (electronic dance music) remix that's not dissimilar to acts such as Madeon and Avicii, with a high intensity build up and a massive euphoric drop, much like the latter days of Swedish House Mafia. This brings me to the third remix - one from a producer named Morgan Page. This is actually from several months ago but it needs to be included, it's that good! It's another electro-dance track with big buildups and heavy bass-filled drops and quite brilliantly it incorporates the original sound from the track in parts. Truly excellent stuff.

Have a listen to the original, the MNEK, Fix8 and Morgan Page remixes below.

The tracklisting for the Of the Night EP is as follows:
1. Of the Night (3:34)
2. Oblivion [Live from Capitol Studios] (3:08)
3. Of the Night [MNEK Remix] (4:38)
4. Of the Night [Icarus Remix] (5:20)
5. Of the Night [Kove Remix] (6:15)
6. Of the Night [Video]