18 Nov 2013

Flume & Chet Faker - Drop The Game

This is very, very exciting. Earlier today Australian electronic master Flume unveiled the artwork for his collaborative EP with Chet Faker. The pair have worked together before, with the latter providing vocals to "Left Alone", one of the numerous fantastic tracks from Flume's self -titled debut. Individually, Chet Faker (born Nicholas Murphy) is extremely popular in Australia, particularly within the indie community. Notable tracks from him include his incredible cover of "No Diggity", along with tracks from his début EP Thinking in Textures. Add that to collaborations with Ta-ku and Say Lou Lou and you have a pretty impressive repertoire, only a year and a half after his début release.

"Drop The Game" is the first track released by Future Classic in anticipation of the Lockjaw EP (Nov 22: Aus/NZ, Nov 25: UK/Europe, Nov 26: North America) and let me tell you now, it's fantastic. Immediately from the get-go Chet launches into a powerful first verse about the consequences of an unknown's 'soul', with a delightfully simple orchestrated background sound, that breaks into the Flume-esque chorus, adding beats and synths that are a staple factor of his track. That sound develops more and more throughout the track, with a breakdown section in the middle leading to a gradual shift towards the full Flume electronic-effect with a call-and-repeat cry in the background. Layering Faker's vocals over his own background vocals is excellent. All round, this gets me excited for next weeks release. Fantastic stuff.