12 Nov 2013

Lunatics on Pogosticks - Blood Clot

You may have read it at some point, but it's Ausmusic month this November on triple j, with a particular emphasis on Australian acts - Friday morning saw Elizabeth Rose on 'Like A Version', this Friday it's Franz Ferdinand with a special cover of an Australian song, and so on.
triple j unearthed, the Australian equivalent of BBC Introducing, have released a free mixtape to celebrate and promote some of the best upcoming artists in Oz. This track by 'triple j unearthed high' winners Lunatics on Pogosticks is one of my favourites. It's called "Blood Clot" and it's a proper garage-rock track that screams of summer rebellion.
Lunatics on Pogosticks describe themselves as "a trio of teen Aussie rapscallions that have been squeezing out some tasty tunes since gestation" and it really shows. Hailing from the North Coast (NSW), lead vocalist/guitarist Calum Newton, drummer James Whitfield and bass-face specialist Bryce Wilson are tapping into a musical niche that I adore - fun loving, exciting indie rock that screams "SUMMER".
I really recommend that you listen to this and pass it on to everyone you chat to. Love it.

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