13 Nov 2013

Trails and Ways - Lost (Frank Ocean Cover)

Describing their own sound as "bossa nova dream pop", you can tell there's something unique about Trails and Ways, an indie-pop quartet from Oakland, north California. By performing tracks in English, Spanish and Portuguese they've shown that they're multi-talented, and this led to their Trilingual EP earlier this year.

With their sound having an undeniably global feel (various members travelled to Brazil and Spain, collecting global sounds the way we collect souvenirs), they've been putting out samba-inflected indie pop for a while, most notably seen with "Mtn Tune", one of their most beautiful songs (even if you take the political lyricism into account), and this is consistent across the board with other tracks such as "Nunca" and "Como Te Vas".

Today they've released an international styled cover of "Lost", one of the standout tracks on Frank Ocean's breakout album Channel Orange, which was released last year. Alternating between Portuguese and English, the multi-vocalist quartet deliver a tribal, chilled track that's sure to be received pretty well across the blogosphere. It's a pleasure to listen to it, and it's currently available for free download on their Soundcloud page. I highly encourage you to download it!