6 Jan 2014

Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna

Bombay Bicycle Club are building momentum towards their upcoming album release. After releasing 'Carry Me' as their first album single, they've followed it up with 'Luna', which will appease fans old and new to no end!

Due out at the top of the month, So Long, See You Tomorrow is gearing up to be excellent. We witnessed the experimentalism in their previous release, as well as 'It's Alright Now', yet 'Luna' seems to sound a lot like older sounds. Imagine Bombay Bicycle Club mixed with the excellent stadium-rock-cum-contemporary sound that Foals produce (thinking about 'Inhaler' and 'Bad Habit'), and you get this.

A wordless chorus, stunning backing vocals from Rae Morris (and not Lucy Rose as I thought originally) and a hell of a crescendo, this in another stellar track. If the rest of the album sounds like what we've heard so far, I'll be delighted. Pre-order it tomorrow and get this as an instant download.